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Study Submission

The Drug Regulatory Information System (DRIS) is a Web-based information system used to apply or register a clinical study or submit results information for a registered study. You must have an account in order to Login to

DRIS facilitates in following services through Pharmacy Services Division of DRAP:
  • Get a license or Register as a:
    • Clinical Trial Study Center
    • Bio-Availability & Bio-Equivalence Study Center
    • Contract Research Organization
    • Bio-Analytical Laboratory
  • Apply for Clinical Trial or Bio-Equivalence study.
  • Track your applications through your account.
  • Submit Your legacy Clinical Study if it was approved by DRAP.

How to Apply for a DRIS Account

Go to the following link and select relevant option to sign up. Your account information will be manually verified by the concerned division. Once verified, You'll automatically get an account activation email with login details.

How to apply for a Study Registration

Once you sign up for DRIS account and have already obtained a relevant license, you can submit a Study/Trial application through DRIS. If you don't have a relevant license, you first need to apply for an Organization or relevant Center license.

How to submit approved study

If your study was already approved by DRAP and you have a DRIS account, you can use "Submit Approved Study" option which is available in the user dashboard. Concerned division will publish your study after necessary validation.